Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily outfit

My subconscious is not letting me forget that I'm moving to France in six and a bit weeks....

Shoes - Target
Belt - San Sebastian, Spain
Headband - Diva

This is such a typical me outfit. The skirt is on the shortlist for the limited edition France times wardrobe!

Rock and roll?

I served this man the other day. Should I be excited about this or is he J-grade?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glass Percussion Project

Last night I was invited to attend a workshop at Artspace, in the Adelaide Festival Centre. Labelled a "Glass Percussion Project", the space was inhabited by hand-blown glass work from 25 local artists from the Jam Factory and manipulated by two percussionists.

Although glass work isn't normally my thing, it was a beautiful collection of objects:

(These "bells" were particularly resonant and had beautiful timbre)

Not only a gallery, but also a musical experience. One of the two percussionists theorized most eloquently about the resonance of glass, the dimensions of the art space and the sonic and visual interaction during a performance. He talked about amplification of decay of the noise and harmonics while the principal glass-blower and curator discussed the gallery display and how the set-up influenced the composition of music. The curator openly questioned why objects made of the same material and of the same dimensions sometimes have different pitch, and related glass colour to hardness to tuning.

An interesting object was a "xylophone" composed of different-sized rods of coloured glass - it wasn't chromatic despite its appearance and thus eschewed Western composition styles. We were instead made to recall the Indonesian gamelan with its metallic clashing tones.

For me, this was the perfect mix of art, percussion and physics.

Saturday night will be their unique performance in Adelaide and it is FREE! 6pm at Artspace, Plaza level of the Festival Centre.

ETA: More info here.


What a wonderful time of year. The city is alive with festival upon festival; the nights are warm and uni is only just going back. The fact that this is irrelevant to me seems to have passed me by as I've dropped in on my former campus every day this week.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a daddy-daughter date at the Garden of Unearthly Delights and enjoyed people-watching while standing in line....

The three dames running the Spiegeltent were amazing.

I was particularly a fan of the lady on the left. Black vintage tuxedo jacket, cherry red military epaulette dress, top hat and dusty ankle boots. How did she manage to make even her bumbag look stylish? Amazing.

Although not intentionally, I was fortunately attired appropriately for the colour theme of the evening:

Loving the latex-look leggings and patent shoes

The Fringe opening parade is on Friday night and I'm looking forward to dressing up...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rejected advertising

I am really enjoying browsing the ads on this site.

Which is your favourite?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wardrobe organisation

As the seasons change I think about tidying up my wardrobe, culling, sorting, sharing.

How do you reorganise?

(stocking collection)

I sort my wardrobe into dresses, skirts and jackets and then sort by colours. I roll my tshirts up and place in a drawer. I keep my most used shoes within easy reach and display six pairs on a fireplace. I keep purses in a drawer, sorted by colour. I keep jewellery in bowls with my favourites on display. I keep hats scattered around the room.

Yet it is still so hard to get dressed!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Date ideas

In the week or so that my boyfriend has been back in town I've been trying to come up with inventive dates so we enjoy our time together. I've been working a lot these days.

Last Tuesday we rode our bikes into town and met at a cocktail lounge: gin martini for he; raspberry mojito for she. Next stop was a most delicious Chinese feast where we chatted for hours before riding home in a warm Summer night.

On Wednesday after a sleep in we went to Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens for a picnic: homemade filled baguettes with roma tomatoes, cheddar and homegrown basil; delicious goats cheese with fresh tossed salad; a crunchy apple apiece and two bottles of water. We ended up overstaying our welcome and being driven to the exit by a groundskeeper! Spent the rest of the afternoon in my local library.

Friday night we took a walk in my neighbourhood (and met the friendliest cat!) before dipping our feet and hands in the pool, looking at the stars and talking, talking, talking.

Saturday we shared the day together initially in the air-conditioned comfort of my own home before braving the heat to go to a festival.

Sunday we snacked on goats cheese and crackers, red wine and salt and vinegar chips under a shining moon while we watched "Man on a Wire" at the Moonlight Cinema.

What are your favourite date destinations? I'm seriously failing for V-day.....