Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Another full-on week (when is it not?)

My first (terrifying) few days in a classroom (here and here) with connections finally being made between theory covered in class and reality. Eye-opening to say the least.

Let off some steam with a Francophone pizza and dancing night on Thursday which made Friday a little slow and a much needed restful night. Saturday was spent at the design market, then a very sweaty afternoon ride to a friend's house to share cider and hot cross buns. Yum yum. Saturday night was drinks, dinner and kilometres of conversation. Good stuff and really refreshing (like the light rain that fell on us at 5am). A ridiculously happy Sunday, followed by an unproductive Monday: you know when you have days where you just don't want to do work? Thankfully sushi and fiction make everything better.

I'm lamely hobbling through my last week at uni. I gave not doing the readings a whirl for once and found that I was not disadvantaged by this. Hmm. After school I come home and cook or read or look for my cat. It's a pretty exciting life that I lead. I did find out, however, that I'll be receiving one of the scholarships I applied for. Hurray!

Otherwise? There's construction work going on all around me. I drove for the first time in a year yesterday (perhaps I'll post about this? Yes? No?). I'm getting to know some of my classmates. I'm itching to go out (will just have to hold on for tomorrow night). I've got the next two weeks as "holidays" - really, working on about eight assignments - two weeks of theory and then I'm off to do my first practicum.. in the country! Yeeha.

Happy 400th post, Sequin Cat!

Who knew we could get this far?

It only seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 300th, 200th or even 100th post. These blogging milestones were reached overseas, back when I was a global explorer. I still am, I suppose, but am just taking a little rest break.

I'll be the first to admit that not all posts have been quality content, but I hope you're all enjoying the direction the blog is going, with a focus on Daily Outfits, Wednesday Wrap-ups and the occasional cultural snippets. I'd love to hear your feedback!

For this special event? I'll likely celebrate with a glass of champagne. Though perhaps not Krug.

I'm a big fan of unflattering shots on this blog.

Missing socks

I found a sock in my jacket pocket today, in front of my whole physics class. Hrrm, perhaps this is where socks go when they disappear?? I should start checking my other jacket pockets.

Daily Outfit: Showery Sunday

Rain doesn't put a downer on my day! I rode with happiness to watch my band perform, home again, and then out to my cousin's birthday afternoon tea.

Sans jacket


That evening I had a lady date: Thai food and A Single Man. The French film we'd wanted to see was sold out. Everything turns out for the best, after all.

Daily Outfit: Saturday night date

I went for kitsch rather than sexy for my date on Saturday night

Should have thought about an expandable waistline for all the Chinese I consumed (food, not people).

Stayed up late talking under light rain.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a minute in March

I don't think anybody is doing these anymore... oh well!

Reading... university texts, scholarship application forms, a variety of novels, emotionally-charged emails.

Listening... to my iPod on shuffle, to roadworks outside and at uni, to band concert, as I ride around town.

Watching... the Catherine Tate show, Mary Poppins, A Single Man, time fly by, the clock.

Buying... the most wonderful cape, movie tickets, dinner.

Wanting... a drink.

Making... minor repairs to clothing, new friends at uni, progress in my studies, new ideas come to life.

Loving... feeling happy when I wake up in the morning, family fun, ideas from magazines, daily blogging.

My short memory makes doing these monthly summaries rather difficult. Thankfully I have my weekly Wednesday wrap-ups to keep me going! Check out February's here (much different feeling)

Daily Outfit: Saturday morning markets.

As mentioned, I headed to a lovely design market at the weekend.

Bit of glamour nanna going on. I felt like wearing animal print.

Maybe the red heels weren't quite so appropriate for a Saturday morning.


I popped into the lovely Bowerbird Bazaar at the weekend. While I didn't buy anything, I was sorely tempted by these delicious-looking tarts.

Nom nom nom

Did any of you head to this fabulous design market? There'll be another one in October if you missed out. Highly recommended.

No Russh

I bought the latest RUSSH issue the other day and have been severely underwhelmed on my first flick through. The page layouts are so boring! The cover hardly inspires either.

Pages chosen at random (not highlighting particular examples)

Not an issue I'll be tearing into. Oh RUSSH, what went wrong?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Daily Outfit: Last minute

The clock almost struck midnight and I hadn't taken a photo for the day! The horror!

Dull work wear. My students liked my Dorothy shoes.

Daily Outfit: Pizza Planet Thursday

Casual Thursday night pizza and beers? Yes, I will wear a cocktail dress.

This man.

Northern lights

A week ago I was lucky enough to walk down North Terrace and enjoy the fantastic Northern Lights art installation with some fellow francophiles.

Adelaide's beautiful sandstone buildings will continue to be lit up every night as part of the festival until April 5.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daily Outfit: Work wear

I like dressing up. I think that's pretty evident from my day-to-day wear. Do you understand how hard it is then to dress professionally? I had my first afternoon teaching and it was stinking hot outside to boot. Cool cotton layers got the tick (and a Frenchie scarf)

More details?

I think the scalloped neckline is fun.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Reposting this wonderful photoshoot of Chloe Sevigny for Russian Harper's Bazaar (April 2010)

Remind you of anything??

Daily Outfit: Dotty

I felt like wearing polka dots. Could I be sick of stripes?

It is... not possible

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I started making myself an after-work mojito this afternoon (as you do) and completely messed it up! I'm so ashamed.

A more successful mojito attempt (delicious at dinner the other night)

How can I expect cocktail perfection when I go out when I can't even get it right at home?

Daily Outfit: Hawaiian flowers

Rough morning. Easy option? Dress and heels. Which is exactly what I did.

Shall we pretend that I played with the white balance on purpose because I was feeling "blue"? No?

Close-up of my awesome Alice badge from Eurodisney

Daily Outfit: Stripes and stripes forever

There's been a lot of stripe action going on in my wardrobe lately. Here, here, here and here. Oh, and here, here, here and here. And then here, here, here, here and here.

I think I see a pattern forming (ha!)
Is this one habit I have to kick?

Sparkly shoes required for cycling/clicking together and chanting "there's no place like Home."


My bandages come off this morning!

(The damage can be found here.)

(I'm your typical hypochondriac Virgo.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily Outfit: The Massiveness

It seems I got confused over who was playing at the Entertainment Centre on Sunday night and dressed for a Lady Gaga concert instead. Am devastated that I'll be missing the show on April 3rd.

Gridiron shoulders. My dad liked.

Daily Outfit: Three outfit Saturday

Busy week! I'm behind on outfit posts yet again.

Politically neutral outfit for morning voting in the state election. I am wearing red shoes, however...

Sporty spice. The coolest gear I could find for a heavy ride up a hill under a hot sun.

Out for drinks with my wonderful Parisian pal Romain. Much French was spoken amongst the bilingual crowd.

Wednesday Wrap-up

What a wonderfully busy week!

Where to start? After drunkenly hurting my knee, I had a week full of doctor's appointments. I went to the medical clinic at Uni four times! I bet they're sick of my face.

You know what else my week was full of? Partying! I had a hankering for a cool ale on a warm Thursday night, and things didn't really stop from there. I'm so pleased to be staying home tonight!

Coopers Ale House (scene of Thursday night salsa and beef and burgundy club meetings)

Friday was busy busy busy. Saturday was the excitement of the state election, healthy bike rides, tutoring and some more partying. Northern Lights! Divine. Sunday? Vintage fair, library, my sister arriving, Massive Attack concert.

Vintage fair at Burnside Ballroom

That leaves us with Monday: hanging with my sister, doing my readings, nurse's appointment, tutoring, 3D radio Hillbilly Hoot (yes!) and the Grace Emily for a going away. Tuesday was uni, napping, Virgin Suicides and dinner with the fam.

Hillbilly Hoot at Stepney

I got up and sang!

Delicious dinner. Pea risotto (!!)

But wait, there's more: things coming together, satisfying phone calls, cold beer and tasty mojitos, French conversation, reading good books, business lunch and office visits, hazelnut chocolate, danceathons, meeting new people, spinach dumplings, feathered headress, free champagne, playing songs on the jukebox, catching buses, hanging out with my dad, spending time with friends.

Amongst all this fun? Full-time uni. No wonder I'm feeling a little stressed out...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Friday night FUN!

After a busy Friday at uni, on a business lunch, having a spot of surgery and applying for scholarships (phew!) I headed to the Mercury Cinema to watch the cinematic debut of the divine Miss M's short film, 15/love.

After? Dinner in Chinatown with the ladies (removed my feathered headpiece before I got out of the car), champagne at CasaBlaBla then dancing the night away at the very hot and sweaty Supermild.

Awesome night.


Last night I attended the Massive Attack concert at the newly refurbished Entertainment Centre.

The evening was a little different to the Paris gig. In a good way!

Martina Topley Bird provided a great support, and Massive Attack were, well, massive. Had a ball.

Loved it!